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Not sure why you think I would be ashamed to admit being a church goer? But I make no special claims for mine, over any other. We all fall short and tend to focus on our own 'preferred charisms, rather than develop others. Hence, Birds of a feather flock together. It is a major problem. The church is not 'whole'. And the world can see it.

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Comments (21)
Kajilar 05.04.2018
just about to take off for work.
Molkree 09.04.2018
... or in a wooden box.
Dagore 17.04.2018
Common descent all life.
Yosida 26.04.2018
Come on bruh hold my hand for emotional support
Meztishicage 03.05.2018
I think it is a Poe.
Nezilkree 12.05.2018
Very relaxing, smeely during planting but relaxing.
Braramar 16.05.2018
And I assume that you disapprove of "secret police"?
Daisida 24.05.2018
Malara 31.05.2018
Can this really be possible
Brasar 03.06.2018
But not good enough to claim they don't exist,
Doubar 06.06.2018
No. That?s no what it says at all.
Najar 08.06.2018
Who was present to first see the resurrected Jesus?
Mushura 19.06.2018
Bullseye, babe. Sorry, gotta go.
Samubei 23.06.2018
re: Agreed, i.e. don't discriminate.
Zulushura 26.06.2018
Hey T... Drop me an email.
Munris 06.07.2018
GL's Goodnight to you..
Shaktiramar 08.07.2018
Are you checking out my hardcover?
Arashinris 15.07.2018
This argument goes both ways
Gardashakar 16.07.2018
Nope. It's true. Your being ignorant doesn't change reality.
Daikazahn 23.07.2018
6 or 7 in EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD, Andrew!!
Zulujar 29.07.2018
Seems like the publishers make out on that one.

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