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What is your definition of certain? Assuming the certain =known for sure; then I think that, using your scale, all values less than 100 are effectively 0. So put me down for less than 100. If you look at the numbers as PROBABILITY of certainty, put me down for the fraction 1 divided by infinity.

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Huge ebony booty ass fucked
Huge ebony booty ass fucked
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Comments (28)
Medal 29.04.2018
Thought crime literally harms nobody.
Gorr 06.05.2018
Here's the latest nail in the Shrouds coffin.
Makora 11.05.2018
How about you prove it does? Nevermind that.
Zurr 20.05.2018
he is no cow boy he is goalkeeper.....xD
Tojat 27.05.2018
1 God doesn't exist.
Akisho 06.06.2018
Fred Rogers is worthy to lift Mjolnir.
Meztigami 08.06.2018
Where is the line for you?
Goltikus 12.06.2018
Who's "goat humper"? You?
Dagul 19.06.2018
Now this process is reversed.
Kirisar 24.06.2018
Ok me too, thanks Lacey.
Fehn 28.06.2018
Try facts over emotions:
Mazusar 03.07.2018
Why are you refusing to answer questions about science?
Dikasa 07.07.2018
Ahhh... is she your girlfriend...?
Vusida 15.07.2018
Lol! Oh my goodness!
Mogor 22.07.2018
Can't read that tripe.
Kajigami 31.07.2018
Maybe he only uses Paypal.
Zulkizilkree 10.08.2018
I upvote all the time
Juzil 16.08.2018
How can we know that time is infinite?
Viktilar 17.08.2018
Thank you, yes that is better.
Sakree 23.08.2018
To give a purpose to passing the collection plate.
Voodoosida 26.08.2018
Will you big city liberals ever stop?
Goll 27.08.2018
democrats lie. It's what they do best.
Akinozshura 29.08.2018
we?re going to the charlie party!
Mazubar 31.08.2018
I like to cook a few times a week.
Maulrajas 07.09.2018
I was on World Star.
Karan 14.09.2018
Anybody remember ?Ford Nation? on Sun TV? Good times.
Sharg 22.09.2018
That's right, close your eyes & plug your ears.
Grogrel 27.09.2018
Thanks for letting me know I was curious.

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