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Lesbian domination and forced orgasms

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The first atheist (that I knew of I ever talked to at length was someone I dated seriously after college. He said he thought after death would be just like before we were born: nothing. I still remember how shocked I was. Raised Catholic, this idea had never occurred to me.

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Comments (15)
Golrajas 27.04.2018
And then the whole economy will come tumbling after...
Moogudal 30.04.2018
The pic at the top is Sal. LOL
Samuzahn 02.05.2018
Wouldn't the Messiah be the gay people's Messiah too?
Shasho 09.05.2018
The plans are openly available...yes...
Kagagar 17.05.2018
Yet you keep declaring how the audience is reacting.
Mijas 19.05.2018
Satanism is really anti-Christianity. Hateful.
Sarn 20.05.2018
No thanks, I already have a wife...
Kemi 24.05.2018
Why do you refuse to quantify your question?
Gardagis 26.05.2018
Ready for fun? Lol
Nalrajas 30.05.2018
No, miracles are a synonym for miracles.
Dosar 01.06.2018
Oh no! The poor seagull!
Gomi 09.06.2018
Ohh didn't think anyone would get the reference.
Vudozil 19.06.2018
I present you with a FERRET VS A POTATO
Arashilrajas 22.06.2018
Often our battles are chosen for us.
Tojashura 24.06.2018
fortunately, i can do whatever i want!

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