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I already explained its relevance, and you didn't understand. I already told you to go study and stop making arguments you didn't earn, and you responded like you have nothing to learn on the subject. What else is there to do? Go talk to someone else. We're done.

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Hot Legs Babes
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Comments (23)
Tojazilkree 03.04.2018
Happy guy making himself more profit.
Mezishicage 07.04.2018
It?s a book idiot.
Kajizuru 10.04.2018
Jesus. Does. Not. Rule. The. Nations.
Kajikora 12.04.2018
Well, next time you shave them, take a pic.
Meztigore 19.04.2018
Does no Hollywood actor realize they aren't geniuses?
Durisar 22.04.2018
No convenient just fact.
Vogal 29.04.2018
And adopted by the DNC
Baran 04.05.2018
Keeeeerist.......that is a lot of she-boon gelatin
Vozragore 10.05.2018
Your claim, your burden of proof.
Kigasar 14.05.2018
But what you said was:
Musho 21.05.2018
It is what it is.
Volkree 31.05.2018
Why can?t you post like a normal person?
Akinogar 03.06.2018
That's not change caused by
Faetaxe 11.06.2018
Can I be politically incorrect in my answer?
Kir 17.06.2018
Boris, why do trolls like you exist?
Shazuru 19.06.2018
They really look alike
Dugar 21.06.2018
Look up Smurk....has the above pic to define.
Malakasa 30.06.2018
I'm pretty sure Tellurium exists.
Moogujin 07.07.2018
You really don't know?
Mikacage 16.07.2018
Would take the one on left to dinner :-)))
Sarr 23.07.2018
Well that fizzled fast. Lol
Faulabar 28.07.2018
An island with water around it, 5 letters!
Mekinos 29.07.2018
So - the American taxpayer is

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