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How to fuck

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"I'm quite fond of my mom and dad. I do have issue when you try to replace them with an imaginary friend."

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How to fuck
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Comments (26)
Neshura 04.08.2018
Nah, they had eunuchs in biblical times.
Taular 06.08.2018
Because you expect favouritism.
Dat 11.08.2018
They look like the Ceausescus!
Kilabar 18.08.2018
That is exactly what GREEN DAY sang about.
Daimuro 24.08.2018
Only if you?re between the ages of 7-13.
Jur 30.08.2018
And 'deductive reasoning isn't indicative of truth', right?
Mashura 02.09.2018
So, is their dark beer made from the Outback?
Meztizragore 05.09.2018
Was Adam a Hebrew?
Zulkitilar 14.09.2018
Good point. I forgot about HIV.
Shakall 16.09.2018
Can you pay 1/2?
Babei 22.09.2018
Idiots aren't exclusive to churches
Zusida 26.09.2018
Here we go again.
Tojaramar 01.10.2018
Okay. Which part was delusional?
Tukazahn 09.10.2018
I've visualized your penis.
Nikinos 16.10.2018
He'll be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' advisor, no doubt.
Mer 18.10.2018
Satan uses Crest Teeth Whitening Tooth Paste.
Daramar 23.10.2018
Thank you! Hoping the best for your family!!
Gardajin 26.10.2018
Surrender your salaries, if it's so serious.
Arar 31.10.2018
The weather and the neighbors don't cooperate around here.
Zulkidal 10.11.2018
Okay I?ll teach you how to twerk ??
Nikozragore 13.11.2018
And said killing kids goes against God.
Voodooshura 17.11.2018
Eh? What's that you say, sonny?
Vizilkree 19.11.2018
He'll be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' advisor, no doubt.
Shaktikinos 23.11.2018
This place entertains my boredom.
Gojar 03.12.2018
Knowledgeable and wise people impress me.......
Dalar 06.12.2018
Couldn?t be lying about that, eh?

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