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Jeff stryker gay or straight

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The thing is, the MSM press really IS the enemy of the people.

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Gardashakar 19.05.2018
Can we see what it looks like.
Shaktibar 29.05.2018
Read my reply again. Very carefully.
Gosida 01.06.2018
We'll try again next week... LOLOL!!!
Shakazragore 11.06.2018
Hehe. I'm doing good how about you Debi
Arasar 14.06.2018
Wow, you?ve been trolling here for days. Why?
Nakus 15.06.2018
i'm not the least bit miserable
Diramar 21.06.2018
It also holds up in the Bible.
Goltirg 30.06.2018
Love the thought process..
Kakree 05.07.2018
You still here??? lol
Yogore 14.07.2018
Where is the line for you?

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