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Memorable excerpts from moby dick

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The content in the context I originally asked for is missing. I pointed out why each and every one of your quote-minded citations didnt meet that. and your best counter argument was that zygots have everything they need (which was wrong and that what something becomes means that what it is in the beginning . because iron ore is a car and a fetus is a human being and abortion is murder. Wish to continue or would you like to actually provide actual evidence in the context I asked. the only applicable context That which concerns the natural or medical abortion of an undeveloped human fetus/zygote. Something tells me then it becomes murder is missing from the medical textbooks. Same way this fetus is definitely a human life and deserves all the same rights as any other human is also unsurprisingly missing. because these are personal opinions premised on nothing more than scientifically ignorant presumptions.

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Memorable excerpts from moby dick
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Comments (18)
Voodoolmaran 13.04.2018
Nah that grandma would possibly be rich
Taunos 15.04.2018
I'm not. Never, ever.
Moogugami 18.04.2018
How big is the light bulb?
Zolojind 28.04.2018
Lady and the Tramp
Dikinos 02.05.2018
Why do we need to breathe?
Vik 04.05.2018
Hope so, but I'm dubious.
Dagal 06.05.2018
If he existed, apparently more like this
Samukinos 07.05.2018
"I do find liars and hypocrites offensive."
Yosida 10.05.2018
Or, the vitriol Atheists have towards theists.
Dacage 17.05.2018
Send 'em north, send 'em north.
Yozragore 19.05.2018
Who owns the company doing the survey ? .d
Mugore 22.05.2018
According to those who argue that nature determines morality.
Goltimi 28.05.2018
No that comes from outside.
Mooguzuru 02.06.2018
You should visit a Mosque and ask that question.
Yogami 11.06.2018
These go to eleven.
Tobar 20.06.2018
No. Don't tax institutions.
Bajinn 01.07.2018
Hot lil socialist idiot.
Dolmaran 06.07.2018
Your gif wins the internet today. Brilliant!

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