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Yes, I have read the Bible, in its entirety, several times. I do not see the similarities that you describe. I do not see how a Pantheistic god would, or could be offended by anything that humans could do. It would be like being offended by an ant. People have pet snakes and pet spiders, and these creatures hold no love for their owners. People understand that this is their limitation, and accept them for what they are. They are not offended by anything that they do. I suppose that such a god COULD judge, but there would be no reason to do so, nor would it make sense, as I see it. He would quite literally be judging himself, or a portion of himself, for things that are relative in importance. He also would have no use for any sort of shrine, praise, or worship.

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Teen girls in nylon
Teen girls in nylon
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Comments (24)
Zologami 06.04.2018
Yep. What He does elsewhere are Big Things.
Marisar 15.04.2018
The Church full of people like her !!
Voodoobar 19.04.2018
Hiya, 4 comment bot.
Shanris 20.04.2018
It's the new math, silly 1 1 4 1/2.
Mikalkree 21.04.2018
well, no offense, but law>>>>>your personal opinion
Dilkree 27.04.2018
Do you live close to your mother?
Vudolabar 30.04.2018
Any cams recording? You would think so.
Akinogrel 10.05.2018
I hope you feel better
Gucage 15.05.2018
Yep - they are desperate in the extreme.
Magal 18.05.2018
Misha is "he." It's a diminutive for "Michael."
Duzilkree 20.05.2018
Sorry that you asked?
Tosida 22.05.2018
Oh why I'm not Scorpio
Mozragore 27.05.2018
World War One had the trenches.
Faurisar 31.05.2018
I paid into your retirement, too.
Mektilar 07.06.2018
I don't know that one.
Kishakar 10.06.2018
The main stream media is !! 92% negative !
Malajinn 18.06.2018
the People need that clarification for sure!! HIGH 5
Zulkihn 26.06.2018
Is the publkc school system properly funded?
Tauhn 05.07.2018
You're welcome. Best success to you on your path.
Zulkir 06.07.2018
Nope, you cant have it both ways
Zulukinos 12.07.2018
Sometimes His Children need some punishment.
Arami 17.07.2018
Fugm. If you're offended by this behaviour.....boycott the games.
Mikakinos 21.07.2018
It's all in how you fold them?
Arakasa 23.07.2018
different topic, but nice deflection.

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