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You mean SOME religious people. The same can be said of any group.

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Free nude girls screensaver
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Comments (15)
Dokasa 09.05.2018
Well damn. its like my dream come true.
Branris 13.05.2018
That?s true. It?s an unfair standard.
Samurg 17.05.2018
M just using WhatsApp dats all
Kazizragore 23.05.2018
Sticks and stones, Molls... :-)
Nesho 01.06.2018
Life is totally a guess
Brazshura 08.06.2018
My greatest fear is trusting people too much
Dibar 09.06.2018
Then let the investigation run its course,Rudolph..Run, run, Rudolph.
Naramar 10.06.2018
You are free to stick to your conspiracy sites.
Shaktisho 20.06.2018
Wow thats a lotta words, for saying literally nothing.
Guzragore 23.06.2018
This is how low-functioning, uncivilized, sub-human filth handles confrontation.
Zuk 02.07.2018
I picked that answer too.
Nezragore 08.07.2018
Actually, it's my win. Off you go.
Shakazil 17.07.2018
What does that have to do with anything?
Vudobar 25.07.2018
Wrong. Looking for a marriage partner?
Grogor 29.07.2018
lol he is one arm short?

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