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Gay nightclubs palm springs

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Wow, $1.6 billlion. That's a whole 1% of their revenue!

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Comments (27)
Fedal 08.05.2018
So, male #2 evolved from male #1?
Doulkis 18.05.2018
LMAO...Sorry GL! Yes you are too cute also!
Domuro 21.05.2018
Please educate yourself on the KJV .
Takasa 27.05.2018
I'm leaving it, but I agree it's offensive.
Sagor 29.05.2018
I've been to Cleveland = 'nuff said...
Sarg 01.06.2018
I don't need you fixing things, Butt.
Mazil 02.06.2018
Did you watch my vid?
Mezidal 08.06.2018
The existence of evil demonstrates the existence of God.
Kazisida 12.06.2018
F course I'm not sure of what?
Nezshura 22.06.2018
Where did you get "ghetto rats"? Because he's black?
Fegal 01.07.2018
When she wins. It's a gerrymandered Democratic district.
Vull 12.07.2018
Love my Labs, they are great dogs
Doum 16.07.2018
It wasn't prophetic in the slightest.
Tom 21.07.2018
Just out of curiosity which professions in your opinion?
Zull 29.07.2018
Only folks who truly
Arashik 07.08.2018
No!! That THING in the picture should be destroyed.
Arashilmaran 13.08.2018
Well, yeah..why not have it We have cornfields.
Kadal 14.08.2018
Oh boy, is he angry!!!
Nek 15.08.2018
Even more ungodly than kissing!
Kigashura 23.08.2018
Yes. And deities that directly contradict the Judeo-Christian one.
Fem 26.08.2018
I think you are reinforcing my statement.
Vudosar 30.08.2018
Wait. How did Trump get involved?
Yokasa 07.09.2018
Hey Red whatz up!
Vik 10.09.2018
tia, i was just having fun. lighten up.
Yozshuran 11.09.2018
No one deleted your comment.
Nikree 20.09.2018
OK. What's the doctrine behind it?
Arajinn 23.09.2018
Dirt nap - luv it

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