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Old birds getting fucked

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Gravity? I did not mention gravity. And of course you fail to see it because i did not mention it. That again was written in code. A celestial world does not bring forth thistles and thorns. A heavens World that is not fallen is a perfect world. Ugh. ignorance at its finest.

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Old birds getting fucked
Old birds getting fucked
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Namuro 12.04.2018
Ok MM i'll back off
Kagatilar 17.04.2018
Huh don't say. lol
Shak 18.04.2018
They don't exist. You lied.
Tojarr 23.04.2018
And of course the biblical records have been verified.
Shakakus 29.04.2018
That's great, good for you.
Dogar 30.04.2018
They evolved from earlier mammalian primates.
Shaktisho 01.05.2018
Elvis. Why? Because he's the King.
Gardataxe 04.05.2018
Couldnt agree more ??
Vole 12.05.2018
Can you please repeat that so i understand?
Goltigis 18.05.2018
Ralph Good Ale. Oh, him.
Akinobar 19.05.2018
I did. In so many words.
Takora 26.05.2018
ya sure illogical BS will never fly.
Arashikinos 29.05.2018
Bud, if you can prove

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