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It is not about plumbing . The Spirit does not have pipes .

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Mulkree 09.04.2018
Why would something which is innate, require discovery?
Najas 11.04.2018
This is closer to my preference ??
Mazuk 19.04.2018
I think so, don't you?
Fezil 28.04.2018
Are you able to walk properly with your brain?
Kajikinos 01.05.2018
...not that there's anything wrong with chubby chaser porn.
Vohn 05.05.2018
yes that is better, but your respect is noted.
Akinocage 09.05.2018
Does the Koran prove Islam?
Faugar 16.05.2018
Go in peace. Blessings.

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