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Women who perfer smaller penises

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And how about their friends & the other people who are

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Women who perfer smaller penises
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Comments (27)
Malataur 14.05.2018
Ruled by one man. Putin!
Kajijas 19.05.2018
Oxygen deprivation from that sock?
Mizragore 22.05.2018
Tonight was a tough one
Zulkizuru 24.05.2018
Shariah is God's law. Mock as you want.
Zuluk 30.05.2018
I like both :)
Vicage 09.06.2018
Yes you are the swamp.
Vojin 15.06.2018
Mayhap your dictionary contains not the word 'partly'.
Merr 23.06.2018
Yes, Obama's disastrous legacy will always be remembered.
Nilmaran 26.06.2018
OK. Thanks for your opinion. Bye.
Fet 01.07.2018
Name ten immigrants that made the United States great.
Yozshugis 10.07.2018
Irregular? Is that true?
Durisar 13.07.2018
Just trolling around. Relax. I'll put you back.
Zolokus 16.07.2018
Awesome, glad to have you here
Megar 19.07.2018
Written by men? Check. Masculine bias? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Zugis 21.07.2018
She sis would too, she always loved them.
Bajora 24.07.2018
Uhh. There's yer problem right there.
Fenos 28.07.2018
Do you prefer yours shaken & not stirred?
Vitilar 01.08.2018
See thats where I disagree.
Taushakar 06.08.2018
I hope you have a great day too, Ditto!
Kazrall 11.08.2018 don't have to clean up after them....
Faek 15.08.2018
Toads can have hats, you toad-depriver!
Yozshukinos 20.08.2018
my job is done then!
Tarn 24.08.2018
That happens to the good ones.
Vozil 25.08.2018
Where did you work in the 1950's?
Tasar 31.08.2018
Senators have drivers so they can work while traveling.
Akibar 04.09.2018
This isn't the subject of the discussion. Deleting.
Fekazahn 05.09.2018
It is not known to you.

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