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Tens of thousands of biblical scholars, possibly millions, and you find the one that fits your views. And yet you fail to see the irony.

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Comments (28)
Samusar 13.06.2018
I agree with the OP, on this one.
Kazramuro 22.06.2018
There is a difference in strengths of vinegar.
Shakazilkree 25.06.2018
Dems destroy whatever they touch
Daidal 01.07.2018
Especially Tiffany. Poor Tiffany
Faejind 02.07.2018
So, simply not be a slave, gotcha
Tutilar 12.07.2018
You're dismissed, little buddy.
Zur 14.07.2018
I play them on the PlayStation systems myself.
Zule 24.07.2018
He's not bothering me.
Brasida 30.07.2018
ok i'm done with you
Mibei 03.08.2018
Or a stolen clock
Masho 06.08.2018
In the way he said it (see above).
Magal 14.08.2018
yaaa am enjoying in this way XD XD
Arashijind 18.08.2018
Ricklogic on display again.
Arashijas 20.08.2018
If they did... what would it mean?
Voodoolar 29.08.2018
Uncle, uncle, you?re really handing me my ass.
Volrajas 31.08.2018
Probably had some help from "Little Caveman"
Kazishura 09.09.2018
LOLOLOL! Okay will do next time! XD
Zusida 14.09.2018
A complicated issue. Or is it?
Mibar 20.09.2018
You're welcome LuLu Meow.
Vudozuru 29.09.2018
I don't need to prove something doesn't exist.
Vogis 06.10.2018
yet it's round. Anticipating what?
Najora 12.10.2018
what? I wasn't paid to say that.
Kazrataxe 14.10.2018
What serves as credible evidence to you?
Nikotaur 19.10.2018
I agree. Under 18 with PARENT supervision...
Daikazahn 20.10.2018
lol he is one arm short?
Voodoolkree 21.10.2018
First cause isn't evidence, that is lack of knowledge.
Tom 29.10.2018
so what did it evolve into? looks the same
Vojind 06.11.2018
There's a shocking revelation. lol

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