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» » Statistics on 2004 south asian tsunami

Statistics on 2004 south asian tsunami

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It's not always her fault but it's sure her responsibility. Unfortunately, we can't just decide to ask a boy to carry our babies now can we?

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Comments (17)
Mobar 10.08.2018
I still miss it though,crappy liver of mine!
Garr 14.08.2018
Absolutely. Even you admitted this.
Malrajas 21.08.2018
It's hard out here for a pimp
Garisar 28.08.2018
Lol so many assumptions xD
Fekazahn 29.08.2018
It's just a question.
Gagore 08.09.2018
Only pointless if you believe you have no choice.
Aragrel 19.09.2018
Hard pass ?????? but you do you ????????????
Shaktile 21.09.2018
Where? No emotion here.
Natilar 23.09.2018
3:33 AM on a Saturday: the witching hour! :D
Nekasa 04.10.2018
Critical thinking skills taught in schools help, of course.
Fenrikinos 06.10.2018
Perhaps you still have things to learn.
Zuzshura 12.10.2018
Further proof that I am right. Thanks
Kagagami 16.10.2018
Would you like to see that?
Brakora 21.10.2018
What is a grok?
Tojalabar 29.10.2018
I don't want America turning into Europe!--Hell No!
Gocage 29.10.2018
I take it, the Bible isn't your book, then?
Shajar 30.10.2018
Can you explain further pls

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