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White guy suck black

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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I got screenshots of you using racial slurs. ??????

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White guy suck black
White guy suck black
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Comments (17)
Nek 24.07.2018
You think forty -fifty five is elderly.
Goltikree 29.07.2018
Hahahahaha. so, ?fake history? How ridiculous.
Malasho 31.07.2018
It has been tried more than once.
Tut 11.08.2018
Maybe they were dancing :)
Grolrajas 17.08.2018
And you fulfill all of them!
Faugar 26.08.2018
What lies are you talking about????
Maulkis 26.08.2018
No serpent, no God and no divine creation.
Majar 03.09.2018
Zujind 12.09.2018
I didn't say that
Kebar 18.09.2018
Pretty good fast speech to the point just happened
Yojar 27.09.2018
Religious liberty is the law. Constitutional law.
Mushicage 28.09.2018
& im disturbing you
Grot 02.10.2018
Im in love ????????????
Nele 11.10.2018
ground crew is important too...: )
Zulushura 21.10.2018
Christ - what is it - a war?
Tatilar 29.10.2018
are you still around here???
Shakatilar 01.11.2018
A pardon for what?

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