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Does every male pre cum

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No, I had the expectation that my parachute would open because I, personally packed it, and inspected it thoroughly before I did that. The fact that it had opened properly 200 times before was evidence that my expectation was justified. When I jumped with a military parachute, I knew that it had been packed by a certified parachute rigger who was required to personally jump with a randomly picked parachute that he had packed, and that he had packed thousands of parachutes before ha packed the one that I was then using, and in my 27 military jumps, never had the slightest malfunction. In short, I TRUSTED my own packing and the packing of certified riggers.

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Does every male pre cum
Does every male pre cum
Does every male pre cum
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Comments (27)
Vule 07.04.2018
And that is why you will never convince anyone.
Tygozshura 11.04.2018
God is narcissistic? That would explain it as well.
Mezihn 20.04.2018
Was she for it before she was against it?
Sarr 23.04.2018
You can say it in front of your friends.
Zubar 27.04.2018
You sell them there?
Fezuru 28.04.2018
"So ok we don't know"----- and that answers everything.
Nikolkis 03.05.2018
Well... you are in the D thread ?????>??????>??????>???????
Faemi 13.05.2018
ya gotta love the idiots on the left
Merg 20.05.2018
This stupid problem deserves this level of response:
Sabei 27.05.2018
No me mattes!! Mo me mattes!!
Vigar 05.06.2018
I was about to ask you the same,
Mauzahn 09.06.2018
The Religious People Are More Xenophobic one?
Ganris 12.06.2018
You can't defend you position?
Tokasa 15.06.2018
I think he was kidding ;)
Mezimi 17.06.2018
Which of my statements strike you as religious?
Ninos 23.06.2018
You posted it. Seems like it's more for you.
Goshicage 29.06.2018
Good job on the neighbor! A$$hole deserved it.
Dashicage 04.07.2018
The PC's won 76 seats by default?
Kazrajinn 14.07.2018
There are three competitors:
Daigul 23.07.2018
but yay! i won :D xD
Mazujind 02.08.2018
Hi Zany, welcome to the community!
Dubar 12.08.2018
Yeah, that's about right.
Majas 21.08.2018
Well that's one opinion I suppose.
Naktilar 26.08.2018
Way to screw it up already!!
Shakashakar 31.08.2018
Don't be silly wrap your Willy.
Faera 10.09.2018
You say lots of junk
Maujas 10.09.2018
Yep. Agree. You do not fit the OP.

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