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The membership of the parties in what are now called Red States flipped

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Comments (28)
Tazragore 15.07.2018
Is this a return to the Jim Crow era?
Zulkimi 22.07.2018
You still haven't explained your point.
Votilar 23.07.2018
A few things have changed, some quite dramatically.
Tygomuro 01.08.2018
Dang, that boy's gonna get himself a bad sunburn.
Mugis 08.08.2018
are you asking if your allowed to concur?
Yogami 11.08.2018
Why would I waste time studying your man-made delusion?
Sall 17.08.2018
there's still a whole bunch that's government funded.
Vitaur 18.08.2018
Not mythology, but Spiritual realities.
Mezitaur 20.08.2018
You think forty -fifty five is elderly.
Zulkis 27.08.2018
That rule is nonexistent in Christianity.
Shakarn 30.08.2018
You got schooled. Stop embarrassing yourself.
Akinoshakar 01.09.2018
I?m impressed to see Wilbur is awake.
Akilmaran 11.09.2018
Life is totally a guess
Tojajas 18.09.2018
Shannon, come on! Have you read the 10 Commandments?
Mukasa 24.09.2018
Hey you! ?? what are you up to tonight?
Nelrajas 03.10.2018
I am asking for these arguments for God.
Sashicage 06.10.2018
Christianity is a it or not.
Daigami 09.10.2018
Then produce evidence for your claims.
Kira 17.10.2018
That's good lol :p
Goltik 27.10.2018
Brave soldier and leader.
Arashizuru 04.11.2018
No it is not. Your comments are idiotic
Zuzshura 07.11.2018
What about ism or two wrongs make a right?
Vudal 11.11.2018
will do, and thanks, signed, the goat.
Kajimuro 13.11.2018
You didn't learn about laws in school?
Vusida 17.11.2018
Jesus and His Disciples Traveled through the fields
Nazil 24.11.2018
I don't think so. .
Netaxe 26.11.2018
You know that's right.
Goltishicage 04.12.2018
Good morning, JB. :)

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