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Yes, "Pizzagate" was started as a rumor on the internet, like most "news" Alex Jones reports on. But Alex Jones "mainstreams" these types of conspiracies. He spreads them from the small audience of crackpots in forums to thousands of ignorant viewers across the country. He makes it worse by making these stories seem to his audience like things that have been verified or stories that have validity. But it's not just pizzagate. He has created a culture of paranoia around his show that feeds people that are ignorant of reality. His show nearly started a war in Texas because he had made the claim that the Jade Helm exercise was the government preparing for Marshall law. If something had happened he would have undoubtedly been held responsible.

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Akinot 25.04.2018
You could show us some fancy footwork
Mijinn 27.04.2018
Truly, you are revealing your blindness.
Kishakar 02.05.2018
Sorry for that mistake. Yes my Jesus is alive.
Yorg 04.05.2018
Anyone who puts too much stock in labels.
Goltilmaran 06.05.2018
If someone means well, why would God mind?
Jumi 14.05.2018
They do actually. It is socialism.
Tubar 19.05.2018
"until there are none left."
Kik 22.05.2018
Why aren't these guys trying to steal the shoes?
Vurr 31.05.2018
ahhhh, name-calling. The final childish end to a conversation.

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