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So if he created sin, then he was not sinful when he was being prideful? He was prideful while he was still in heaven. Was Pride not a sin at that point?

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Teen very very young
Teen very very young
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Gardaran 07.04.2018
I'm... taken aback a bit, to be honest.
Tule 12.04.2018
Ahahaha! Me too! Almost dropped my coffee!
Nezahn 14.04.2018
My how liberalism can warp a mind.
JoJokasa 23.04.2018
G-d Damn, does this corruption ever end?
Taum 01.05.2018
Sorry to hear for your loss.
Moogushakar 02.05.2018
...47, I added another chapter.
Kagarn 11.05.2018
how do they get the power to make changes?
Kazijas 14.05.2018
Toads are f**king disgusting.
Goltirr 23.05.2018
The world is becoming a smaller place.
Dizilkree 26.05.2018
How do those people even know that they
Yozuru 31.05.2018
Je n'avais pas besoin de cette hypothesis la.
Gobei 09.06.2018
???? Are you serious? Of course not.
Virr 15.06.2018
Indeed, and so are you. The problem comes when
Sagis 23.06.2018
She is a trans woman, not a male.
Taugal 30.06.2018
"the egotistical, are the fools that deny the truth"
Yozshulabar 10.07.2018
for get comfortable life
Sagami 19.07.2018
Oh! I thought... Never mind... XD
Melrajas 20.07.2018
Yes. And none of them a restored limb.
Togrel 24.07.2018
How would you decide.
Vijar 03.08.2018
It sure ain't hot either
Maujind 04.08.2018
Christianity is a form of artificial intelligence.
Meztijinn 05.08.2018
How would you decide.
Dizragore 11.08.2018
A good Christian is a dead one. Just sayin'
Sharan 18.08.2018
Another of Donny's best hires.

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