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Hustler flat lap

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I am saying outright that HE is GOD in HIS Incarnate Manifestation. I am saying however, that HE is not HIS own son.

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Hustler flat lap
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Kajijin 29.03.2018
I didn't write that.
Dozuru 07.04.2018
I don't see that. Can you give an example?
Goltirn 08.04.2018
That's very true, sad but true.
Akirisar 15.04.2018
I remember when Paul Harvey was on the radio.
Mashicage 24.04.2018
Forensically it looks like places were cut and glued??
Meztizuru 01.05.2018
Garbled nonsense it is then.
Faelkree 04.05.2018
Yup, along with millions of others.
Zulkidal 12.05.2018
Great, no need to discuss it here, then.
Masho 21.05.2018
what is going on here?

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