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i live in a 2 story house that has a staircase lol that gif reminded me of when i was like 4 years old me and mom were upstairs we needed to go somewhere mom would often hold my hand then when walking up or down the stairs back then so she held my hand when we started going down the staircase , mom fell and she didnt let go of my hand when she was falling down the stairs LOL !

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Long clips of woman having sex
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Shakagrel 03.04.2018
Absolutely. That was my first thought.
Vujind 09.04.2018
Very observant; & exactly what i mean...
Takinos 18.04.2018
Probably right, consider it a paraphrase, lol.
Durn 27.04.2018
Done with this. Not casting my pearls anymore.
Morg 02.05.2018
Like I said, pointless
Jumuro 05.05.2018
Not like you have an option.
Nikokasa 12.05.2018
So Moses didn?t write the Pentateuch?
Satilar 22.05.2018
My Amazingly Generous Amnesia?
Moogugis 23.05.2018
It's genetic...she gets it from her daddy: Bernie
Vuzragore 30.05.2018
well you just hate god! ;)
Taugar 09.06.2018
Criticize what aspect specifically...Their haircuts...Their wardrobes?
Mogis 17.06.2018
I'm from the United States. I'll keep it simple.
Dagor 19.06.2018
The last line ??????
Kagakora 21.06.2018
Picard is coming back fyi.
Moogubei 26.06.2018
? ??? ? ????? ?? ???? ??? ????, ...
Kajigor 27.06.2018
That and the country was needing cheap labor.
Kazrajora 03.07.2018
Are you talking about "god" experience or mental illness?

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