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I stand corrected re: your view on churches. I misunderstood.

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Comments (29)
Shataur 05.04.2018
90% lol troll much?
Kazralmaran 08.04.2018
Actually these pastors missed their gift.
Daijas 12.04.2018
How did the children in cages come to us?
Dokora 18.04.2018
Hey! You weren't supposed to repost!!!
Duzahn 20.04.2018
Fail and Trump don?t go together
Dazahn 26.04.2018
Not the man supposedly healed? Just your bonfire friend?
Nerr 04.05.2018
But they'll still attach the explosives right?
Zulugul 12.05.2018
Twas a good 'un!
Vugami 19.05.2018
Thanks, that's a beauty.
Nataur 20.05.2018
What evidence is that?
Kenris 24.05.2018
Orientation is not sex.
Nezahn 29.05.2018
Nope, it applies to everyone.
Kijora 03.06.2018
The Physical Feature People Notice Most About You Is:
Fenrizshura 08.06.2018
More BS bible nonsense.
Tuzahn 10.06.2018
And how would change occurred with Jesus?
Dutilar 13.06.2018
Exodus circumstances changed
Juktilar 18.06.2018
Nope, that is an alternative fact and BS.
Mugore 22.06.2018
They have moved, not in Brooklyn. Time will tell.
Shaktilkis 24.06.2018
Dexter. That ending sucked.
Mibei 02.07.2018
Thanks! But I'm all done now!
Kajijora 11.07.2018
"It remains unclear what triggered
Samunris 19.07.2018
There is no atheist dogma.
Banris 22.07.2018
Toronto is terribly expensive. The average house is $800-900,000
Takus 29.07.2018
"Just your worst nightmare as a
Toshura 31.07.2018
Muslim/Islam is not an ethnicity or religion.
Mot 01.08.2018
Unless they are the wrong religion.
Mikajind 04.08.2018
Nope, written 10 years AFTER his term as President.
Ditilar 08.08.2018
does it have a soul at that point?
Memi 11.08.2018
MARK THIS JAMES...........from you will I now JOYFULLY ADJOURN!

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