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Penis shaped bathtub spouts

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It?s becoming clear that you can't link ?moral content to anything exclusively religious.

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Penis shaped bathtub spouts
Penis shaped bathtub spouts
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Comments (19)
Akinolar 12.06.2018
Did you have a nice troll child?
Nikolar 14.06.2018
Goodbye you rightist sucker.....Bwawawawawawawawawawa
Shaktile 19.06.2018
There's a 50-50 chance, eh?
Mim 26.06.2018
Isn't that why we learn to crawl first !
JoJodal 04.07.2018
Yes, them. The majority? Not even close.
Zulkilabar 11.07.2018
And my point was that liberals are violent people.
Faugar 20.07.2018
He's the least embarrassing so far.
Damuro 24.07.2018
God can use whomever or whatever He chooses.
Kazinris 29.07.2018
Different languages within the same country?
Dorn 03.08.2018
What part do you disagree with?
Mor 08.08.2018
That?s one of my favorite gifs.
Meztill 10.08.2018
Except when religious people exercise their faith.
Samulkree 11.08.2018
Educated apostolic is an oxymoron.
Brasar 20.08.2018
Except that parasitism is a type of symbiotic relationship.
Samukasa 30.08.2018
State your scriptures that there is a mother God.
Shakacage 05.09.2018
Legally and medically, abortion doesn't kill anyone.
Gusho 12.09.2018
What's your evidence of that? LOL.
Shasar 22.09.2018
He will never admit that
Kazrabar 26.09.2018
LOL!! OMG that made me laugh!

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