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Puppy anal sacs emptying

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I have yet to state that the investigation is finished. EVERYONE knows it isn't finished since you snowflakes won't let anyone forget it. However, it is only there as a salve for the butt reaming y'all got Nov '16. It has been plodding on for 2 years now and they have found exactly ZERO evidence to support conspiracy to impact the elections.

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Puppy anal sacs emptying
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Fauzshura 27.03.2018
Did you have fun?
Dotilar 30.03.2018
it's Obama's fault you said that.
Zuluzilkree 06.04.2018
Whatever makes you happy, buddy.
Meztishicage 10.04.2018
ty again..... ; }
Shaktilkis 15.04.2018
Dont DONT even get me thinking about that ;-))
Faejind 23.04.2018
There are plenty of examples of him contradicting himself.
Faubei 30.04.2018
Hey, that's you after sending off the alimony cheques!

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