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Really have to pee

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Nope, no other medical issues at all. That was just my cycle. After being on the pill for several years it became more regular, at about every 50 days. My OB/GYN said you're lucky ! :)

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Comments (24)
Mozragore 29.06.2018
Obviously not, as it doesn't apply to this OP.
Shaktiramar 03.07.2018
Good bye for now lol
Samukasa 07.07.2018
Alex Jones can be found here:
JoJole 13.07.2018
*hug* im not worried, think positive hun
Narg 23.07.2018
"I own weapons because of people just like them."
Kakora 31.07.2018
She is hot isn't she
Gardajin 05.08.2018
You are welcome dear.. are you at work
Arashilrajas 09.08.2018
Good. We're on the same page.
Tajas 18.08.2018
Nice. Hope you'll let me know
Dulmaran 20.08.2018
Russia can just send them more money.
Daigrel 24.08.2018
True.But you haven't established the following:
Vudorr 30.08.2018
Oh yeah. Necrophilia is my thing. ??????
Nikozragore 07.09.2018
Its not hypocrisy and Jones is not being censored.
Mikam 15.09.2018
Are you saying the LGBT are freeloaders?
Akinolkree 24.09.2018
You misunderstood me. You're the one who copped out.
Nikojas 02.10.2018
Say it with me:
Faern 04.10.2018
Science has proven otherwise:
Digore 05.10.2018
I'm a mild fan of
Doutaur 06.10.2018
That is my explanation! What is wrong with you?
Maugami 07.10.2018
No idea what you are on about.
Araran 09.10.2018
I think Oprah's bees broke disqus.
Kegore 12.10.2018
I was just going to tag you. ????
Malatilar 21.10.2018
Join the 5 toof Trumpanzee Goobers, then.
Zuk 30.10.2018
Decades of study?! ?? Pfft!

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