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EVERY perpetrator in school shootings self identifys as a faction under the alt right banner (Nazi skin heads, etc.).

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Comments (29)
Mikat 30.03.2018
oh, and to allow you comprehension of
Zolole 05.04.2018
What did Job learn?
Tabar 12.04.2018
Jesus is a skeleton or less by now.
Mushura 12.04.2018
I see: a little pic vs a live trial.
Bragar 13.04.2018
In that case, I'll be waiting!
Kinos 22.04.2018
Please explain your comment.
Mugis 30.04.2018
Men be warned !!!
Dounos 01.05.2018
So you want to reinitiate the Democratic ?fairness doctrine??
Voodookazahn 08.05.2018
Fine, play coy. You'll just be playing with yourself.
Niramar 16.05.2018
Of course, your mucho fun
Yozshujar 21.05.2018
Maybe not Fascism, but still, of something disturbingly similar.
Douramar 29.05.2018
Today, many people are keeping their Faith
Taushicage 04.06.2018
Bill has to learn Arabic language well .
Shabei 06.06.2018
I reply here because the other post is closed.
Memuro 08.06.2018
Perhaps, if there is no 'without'...
Shashura 14.06.2018
Disprove the passage, Einstein. I''ll wait.
Mutaxe 19.06.2018
but it has been tried here in the US
Yolkree 28.06.2018
Oh stop being a stick in the mud!????
Zolot 04.07.2018
no any one sad:(
Vubar 11.07.2018
Everybody love a troll. Except Billy goats gruff!
Akinonos 19.07.2018
and that is why you fit in so well!
Natilar 24.07.2018
At least the lottery is real.
Mazurg 29.07.2018
Because they said so.
Duk 07.08.2018
I dont think I can take it. ....
Maurg 11.08.2018
Dam ---you beat me to it
Nikole 18.08.2018
Firefighters protecting your home from burning down is socialism.
Vunos 25.08.2018
LOL!!!! Good one!!!!!!!! :)
Nijin 31.08.2018
But reading the headlines is easy!
Nacage 02.09.2018
NATO. Canada, Germany, England, the EU.

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