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And I'm saying that it doesn't. The 3 foundational laws of logic are true whether there is a god or there isn't. Those are absolutely certain and any attempt to dispute them necessarily makes use of them.

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Cum Guzzling Hoes
Cum Guzzling Hoes
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Comments (25)
Dakora 02.04.2018
Galileo Galilei is also a man. Meanwhile,
Gacage 12.04.2018
Borrow your neighbor's Google machine.
Akinorr 19.04.2018
I thought this was how right-wingers settled disputes?
Moogukasa 24.04.2018
I assure you, that's not the only difference.
Zulugami 29.04.2018
What's so bad about that?
Tygogrel 03.05.2018
(That was my point.)
Kajira 11.05.2018
Science has not solved this mystery for us.
Samujind 20.05.2018
Yep, they?re called Rino?s/globalists.
Zut 21.05.2018
Well, you've been going around talking about me.
Mizilkree 28.05.2018
I yawn in your general direction!
Mazugor 03.06.2018
Doesn?t excuse anyone from ANTIFA.
Mazusar 05.06.2018
Fill in your own irrelevant blanks.
Nikoramar 08.06.2018
What is "untruthful" or "false" belief?
Tojacage 16.06.2018
Hmmm that sounds wonderful.
Fenris 22.06.2018
Really, there's hope for me yet
Mor 01.07.2018
Do you believe evolution wholly contradicts the holy Torah?
Tojagis 06.07.2018
This isn't about the flag, Jim.
Douzahn 13.07.2018
I like slow n meaningful songs like this one.
Zugul 14.07.2018
That?s what I love bout you girl ????????????
Kizragore 22.07.2018
Do you have your own special guitar ?
Mocage 25.07.2018
david in the lion's den
Bagor 28.07.2018
Sure, if you are masochist.
Grojas 03.08.2018
Why not? It's called "payback."
Yom 11.08.2018
No the other asshole
Mikashura 12.08.2018
What in hell are you on about!

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