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European sex compared to american

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Thank you soooo much my blessed sister! Yes we will Magnify HIS PRECIOUS and HOLY name forevermore! He is WORTHY to be PRAISED, and is the ONLY Righteous ONE who died for us and rose from the dead and is the first-fruits of the RESURRECTION. GLORY TO GOD! AMEN and AMEN.

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Comments (12)
Mull 11.08.2018
I would only look at them as FOOD.
Gorg 12.08.2018
Where is the conflict? Gay people just existing?
Akibei 15.08.2018
Maybe I should crop this?
Meztikus 21.08.2018
Ha, ha! Love it!
Arashim 29.08.2018
I have to be careful ..
Moogudal 31.08.2018
Yeah it's morning here .. what you doing then
Tagis 06.09.2018
I like the selfie with the kids...
Nagar 06.09.2018
What's the meaning of life?
Visho 16.09.2018
You asked, I answered.
Vomi 25.09.2018
would you say yes?
Dorr 01.10.2018
They really are. And very expensive!!
Neramar 07.10.2018
Hmmm...I WONDER why their stocks recently tanked...

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