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Thank you for that. This media suffers from so many problems, most of which we understand quite well now. The problem I had in the last six months are more to do with some posters who relentlessly bombard you with insult, innuendo and accusations, late in the evening and into the early hours. Not that I stayed up after 11am. That and the sheer frustration of almost zero moderation. And the simple fact that serial offenders are back, almost before they are gone.

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Ladyboys In Sari
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Gular 22.07.2018
The divine is what defines morality.
Malagami 26.07.2018
just the kind of people cali wants in America.
Kashura 02.08.2018
Probably? When was 'the day'?
Mezticage 08.08.2018
Good you get more????????????????
Arashijinn 10.08.2018
Awesome read, thanks for posting.
Momuro 13.08.2018
And you know this,Dr.MyView1872 how?What's your specialty?Intolerance?
Vogor 14.08.2018
Belief in a doctrine, by definition, is not education.
Maunris 17.08.2018
He told you so?
Araramar 18.08.2018
I doubt you are wealthy. Why?
Ganos 20.08.2018
I see no vid below.
Tygoramar 30.08.2018
Same to you Rita !!
Gahn 30.08.2018
The CBC has to think of their future bonuses.
Murg 02.09.2018
Sounds like Bernie Madoff's long lost brother...
Bak 10.09.2018
None of those people report the news.

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