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Naked on the subway train

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I'm listed as a 51 year old plumber living in Laos.

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Naked on the subway train
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Comments (17)
Zulujora 09.06.2018
Yet another septuagenarian in our government suffering from dementia.
Malamuro 16.06.2018
So you're answer to my simple, straight-forward query is?
Shaktisar 20.06.2018
"They are the evil party" ????????????????
Vishakar 22.06.2018
You don't understand how vast the US is.
Kajigal 29.06.2018
You still in class?
Nizilkree 04.07.2018
Like what? A typo on prescriptive?
Zululabar 06.07.2018
I'm not sure I'm following, friend.
Yogami 08.07.2018
That will be impossible.
Digore 16.07.2018
Done this before some month ago ????
Gardar 20.07.2018
Government is not disrespecting the anthem, sorry.
Tumi 26.07.2018
Yes Jesus is a transliteration from the Greek translation.
Malalabar 31.07.2018
And then as Adult they will be Just Good.
Zulut 08.08.2018
Yes followed by a clarification in brackets.
Kilar 10.08.2018
You think that is the reason?
Tusar 11.08.2018
coastal erosion is evidence of climate change ?
Votilar 15.08.2018
Very true film noir look.
Mazutilar 22.08.2018
Reasoned apiarism strikes again.

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