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Teen mom add topic

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I have no religion, I just believe what I believe and your snide little remarks can't change that or me, so do we go on for days with you saying basically the same thing over and over.

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Teen mom add topic
Teen mom add topic
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Comments (12)
Mazut 01.04.2018
I know. I just wanted to post a butt.
Zulushicage 09.04.2018
And YOU said "I" edited them, didn't you?
Ferr 12.04.2018
Tragic romance, not horror, but good attempt...
Samurn 16.04.2018
both Elohim and Allah watched that happen/
Zulkirisar 20.04.2018
Yeah she?s gone for good:(
Mikashicage 23.04.2018
So no need for truth, God will do instead.
Mesida 26.04.2018
You follow men in New York.
Jujora 01.05.2018
Does God exist to you?
Modal 07.05.2018
attempted robbery is not a motive
Virisar 13.05.2018
He was a fastest bowler of his time.
Meztijinn 18.05.2018
Why would he take it hard?
Molkis 27.05.2018
Haha! That's good enough.

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