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This is Bannon/Trump chaos strategy tactic -- create a problem and then spin it to blame others and to suggest solutions plotted before purposely creating the problem. Trump did it with North Korea; did it with the tarriff ripping off farmers; doing it with Iran. "Weapons of mass distraction".

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Zone archive girl gets fucked
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Zulubei 27.03.2018
Sister,this little waist twisting really hard
Nalar 28.03.2018
And your citations for this?
Zolokinos 30.03.2018
You didn't answer whom you consider moderates.
Tukinos 05.04.2018
Oh is Saturday your birthday too.
Voshura 13.04.2018
Its worrying way too many people...
Kile 15.04.2018
Don't be a dumbass.
Gagore 18.04.2018
You mean RELIGIOUS faith, don't you?
Shakalar 28.04.2018
What about a micro machine?
Kigajora 02.05.2018
Why? Having parents isn't odd. Their sex is irrelevant.
Vimuro 10.05.2018
?Donald Trump?s administration has pushed me here,? said Modarage.

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