Ethereum Classic started its capital raising campaign

2017 seems to be a year where the decentralization of electronic currencies is accelerating in terms of investment, not just Bitcoin. Ethereum Classic, rather than Ethereum would be the next electronic money to win the main private equity fund.

Ethereum Classic started its capital mobilization campaign

Barry Silbert of the DigitalGuard Group (DCG) said Ethereum has had its mainstream market after the success of its sudden appearance in the money-market.
DCG is the company that owns the Bitcoin website and US investment company Grayscale Investments, which is responsible for this investment product.
“As investors are increasingly interested in digital currency as a kind of asset, we are also seeing increasing frustration with the difficulty of buying the copper,” Silbert told Reuters. Other digital money is not Bitcoin. ”

We are very excited about starting a fund for Ethereum Classic to meet the growing interest that we are seeing at ETC from many of the major investors.

Return after the DAO (Delegation of Authority) for the first time

Ethererum Classic is not exactly a favorite of any particular individual at a particular level, since the failure of its first sovereign debut last year. Last April, issued a notice of DAO’s Ethereum. Ethereum’s DAO is modeled on the crowdfunding model (community mobilization via the Internet) and raised $ 150 million at the end of May. However, as of June 17, 1616, an anonymous hacker hacked an approximate $ 60 million into his own account. This led to a “hard fork” solution (a radical change to the Blockchain protocol, upgraded to a new version) to undo the theft and restore all funds to all parties involved. legal. It also creates a new currency, maintains the name Ethereum, and that currency has done well with its work, at least in terms of value in the market.
Only last week, Ethereum has partnered with companies such as Microsoft, Intel and JP Morgan through the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and its value has exceeded $ 20 this week, up more than 50% in value over the past two weeks. .

Ethereum Classic will be an open-end fund that can mobilize unlimited capital, and DCG will only invest its capital for accredited investors. This will be Grayscale’s second currency fund, which has launched the Bitcoin Investment Trust in 2013, the only US security system traded publicly on the free market of Bitcoin.
ETC is traded at $ 1.44 at this time with a market cap of about $ 128 million, currently ranked behind Litecoin and ranks seventh in the industry.

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