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It's not up to the US government to untangle the mess she made for herself. He did the right thing the right way. Him doing right doesn't excuse her doing wrong.

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Comments (27)
Vukora 30.07.2018
Yes, only quiet fun.
Dujora 04.08.2018
Reading comprehension is not your strong suite, is it?
Kazishicage 09.08.2018
Are you really that dense?
Zololkree 17.08.2018
I'm doing well, taking it easy today.
Nezuru 26.08.2018
According to me, they're not. They are not married.
Araktilar 04.09.2018
It's about age. A specific time of something happening.
Mooguran 10.09.2018
According to which metric?
Turan 13.09.2018
I definitely don't think they should be taxed outright.
Dusida 22.09.2018
Please expound on how He found you.
Gukora 26.09.2018
"In-Depth analysis" that I expected.
Mujar 29.09.2018
studied some of it, you didn't. Avoid discussing?
Akinodal 08.10.2018
What a coincidence! That's
Nasar 18.10.2018
Are you dripping with sarcasm?
Taut 20.10.2018
Religion is stupid ....
Fecage 25.10.2018
Any gun control law is unconstitutional.
Arashishicage 28.10.2018
These are fascinating an warranted further research.
Goltikora 07.11.2018
I agree with you Daniel. Well said sir.
Samujora 08.11.2018
it sure was! by lots of folks!
Gutaur 10.11.2018
Um no, that's not true.
Gror 17.11.2018
Did the chicken make it to the other side?
Nak 19.11.2018
What if there are children present?
Maucage 25.11.2018
Celebrities get pummeled. comes with the job
Mikami 03.12.2018
Debbie Does Dallas ????????????
Zololar 05.12.2018
Even green party idiots won't support the DNC!!
Maum 15.12.2018
The guy is paranoid about illegal ALIENS!
Zulukus 16.12.2018
and spelled her name wrong. nice try.
Tumi 23.12.2018
That's what I'm afraid of, too.

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