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Virtual sex and islam

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You've obviously got the wrong god. Everyone will tell you so.

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Virtual sex and islam
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Comments (11)
Shanos 08.07.2018
Oh you are one of those majical snowflakes
Samuramar 13.07.2018
That would be a mess with inheritance/estates and divorces.
Zololar 21.07.2018
Uh, many Iranians are Jewish.
Douzuru 23.07.2018
nothing worth having in life comes easy!
Vutaxe 28.07.2018
Hey now, that won't make you any taller.??
Tozuru 05.08.2018
...probably not at a thousand pounds, pumpkin.
Zulushicage 11.08.2018
Isn't that just what the losers say?
Motaur 21.08.2018
Pfft make the wife do it
Tojar 24.08.2018
Target failed miserably in Canada!?????+?????
Kajitaur 25.08.2018
Yes, I am sure.
Faeshura 03.09.2018
It more than buttresses my contention.

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