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With a hairy bush

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Hindsight-the ability to reason from what is known to have occurred in the past-is a great asset when making informed predictions of future events.

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With a hairy bush
With a hairy bush
With a hairy bush
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Nelmaran 28.03.2018
Cuz trump hates america
Sasar 04.04.2018
That is not what He said.
Daikus 06.04.2018
Thanks for the correction. I missed the 'married' part.
Vohn 07.04.2018
Yo-ho-ho! You were a PIRATE in a past life!
Zulkiran 13.04.2018
I am natural high on life
Goltir 20.04.2018
Thanks KajunTex. It was hard to choose.....featured!
Meztik 29.04.2018
booty shorts back in the day.
Doukazahn 30.04.2018
That was the 28 mentioned. Actual change of religion.
Mikataxe 02.05.2018
LOL. I apologize for not attacking you directly.
Mozahn 12.05.2018
... or it was illegible.
Daisida 15.05.2018
Why give her even a mention in passing.
Tolkis 19.05.2018
nothing new here, since November 2015.
Kazihn 27.05.2018
It suppose to mean togetherness
JoJorisar 05.06.2018
Immoral? Based on what moral measure?
Jull 07.06.2018
To the Honorable Representative Maxine Waters,
Gardashura 15.06.2018
That doesn't say everything was created in Heaven.
Maurisar 24.06.2018
Really? By banning them and attacking them?
Taucage 29.06.2018
As of now only relief is disqus:P

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