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The sims 2 sexy stuff

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I have been known to get nasty with trolls. I?m not ever one to start in on someone, but I don?t feel like it?s appropriate to not respond when attacked. I have a very alpha personality,but I?m respectful so people take that as a sign of weakness. I love flowers ?????? I just meant to type freak only, not floral. See? I told ya I?m bad at typing. ?????>??????>??????>?

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The sims 2 sexy stuff
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Comments (7)
Nikodal 18.08.2018
Yes, because that's not at all unrealistic.
Shaktibei 25.08.2018
I think any woman that marries Trump is ugly.
Necage 29.08.2018
That's not how it worked; read the Bible.
Diran 06.09.2018
How many of three do you have?
Zulkigrel 08.09.2018
Well that is another theory?
Vudozahn 11.09.2018
That?s your opinion, and a funny one.
Tojaramar 13.09.2018
You mean since yesterday?

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