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Much as I am loathe to flew against the conventional wisdom, my atheism has no need to adjust itself to the opinions of others.

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Comments (29)
Akinoktilar 21.06.2018
We're allowing laws to change the meaning of words.
Shakagal 23.06.2018
Always good to see your unique perspective my friend.
Babar 02.07.2018
"Obama divided Americans in every way he could"
Dukree 03.07.2018
They have you busy with work?
Akill 04.07.2018
Jesus; When are you coming back
Voodoogis 13.07.2018
what have you not understood?
Virn 15.07.2018
I'd say 1. 99 certain there isn't.
Fenrimi 18.07.2018
How is any of that abnormal?
Akirr 22.07.2018
Not gonna happen xD
Maujar 24.07.2018
He knows nothing right, the filthy slob.
Shaktiktilar 25.07.2018
Are not those Christians being insulting?
Faekasa 04.08.2018
More unsubstantiated claims. Now, mind your own business.
Akigrel 10.08.2018
We should follow values of Human life.
Vik 19.08.2018
The Flash,Arrow My one of fav shows.
Moogujinn 22.08.2018
Nope. White as snow.
Faulmaran 30.08.2018
Damn Google autocorrect, that one slipped by !!!
Voll 03.09.2018
I don't know who Hawkins is.
Dikinos 12.09.2018
Lol green party? So Jesus doesn't want to win.
Shakall 21.09.2018
Pagans would do things which were disgusting and unclean.
Tojabar 25.09.2018
and liberals that wear a flag dont?
Fenrirg 03.10.2018
Very few people are intelligent at .18 BAC.
Kajijora 08.10.2018
Irony is utterly lost on him.
Akijin 11.10.2018
This whole thing is so disheartening.
Kajilabar 13.10.2018
This is pantheism rather than monotheism.
Vugul 17.10.2018
Why to double down on the nonsense.
Neramar 22.10.2018
A monsoon, in India?!
Magor 29.10.2018
screaming racist does nothing for me
Faulabar 09.11.2018
that will be the first
Zolole 11.11.2018
I can make do voices and sound effects

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