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All very true. My previous car was a Cadillac ATS. Now in Ontario the max limit is 100 km/h, 50 over roadside suspension, car impounded, dog knows how many points, insurance sky high. That car would have landed me in jail it was so smooth and sneeky.

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Zuzil 20.07.2018
You against abortion too?
Vujar 26.07.2018
You?re right, you hardly see.
Doukazahn 26.07.2018
Any particular place in the southwest ?
Akinolabar 28.07.2018
Follows exactly the same path.just no god (maybe).
Muran 28.07.2018
even old guys know how to troll liberals
Makazahn 30.07.2018
You don?t need a phone.
Mezizshura 09.08.2018
What's the count now?
Yogul 13.08.2018
So no evidence.
Kitaxe 16.08.2018
He stands alone alright . . .
Vijar 27.08.2018
ye-ha (without cap locks)
Moogukree 29.08.2018
Name me one fulfilled Bible prophesy
Guzragore 05.09.2018
Islamic variations are not drastic.
Malagrel 06.09.2018
Jenna Coleman playing Clara Oswald also from Doctor Who.
Moogutaur 13.09.2018
From how many thousand feet up?
Sam 21.09.2018
That makes one of us haha
Kigakree 23.09.2018
My beliefs do not require scientific approval.
Vojas 25.09.2018
It starts like this:
Yozshule 02.10.2018
well, that isn't overly hysterical or anything.
Douran 11.10.2018
America's ruling ideology is corporatism.
Kajim 21.10.2018
Goodnight and thanks for the talk
Gajar 28.10.2018
Hello everyone. My name is Prince new here
Daira 31.10.2018
Pretty sure I included one

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