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I understand, and that is fair. I would point out though that this argument doesn't depend on belief just possibility.

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Pic of naked guys
Pic of naked guys
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Comments (22)
Yozshujinn 21.05.2018
No worse than a reality tv show host.
Viran 26.05.2018
You haven't posted anything to compare
Kazragal 01.06.2018
What did he ?sell? to Russia?
Fenrijar 04.06.2018
English is not your first language.
Shakarg 05.06.2018
I already answered that question
Akinojinn 06.06.2018
Exactly, the book learning isn't even the other half!
Takora 10.06.2018
I don't think they know what the word means.
Kazrarr 15.06.2018
And that is persecution of atheists?
Gardara 20.06.2018
Who knew?"Greenies" are actually "Reds"...s/
Bragal 22.06.2018
The decision clearly went in his favor.
Gardami 26.06.2018
Yes they both did.
Mikasida 28.06.2018
Illinois ?? so the worst one
Fenrikazahn 07.07.2018
I Think its going out easy without any problem.
Mazuru 15.07.2018
ah personal insults guess its ok for you
Dounris 25.07.2018
Yes! I'm at home.
Malar 04.08.2018
If you're comfortable with demons.
Tajinn 11.08.2018
And yet it isn't true. Not close.
Shakataur 19.08.2018
Night M... pleasant evening ????????????
Tojahn 27.08.2018
Legally, you're right. Ethically? Not so much.
Kazishakar 04.09.2018
You are quite ignorant
Kizilkree 07.09.2018
If they succeed in removing President Donald Trump's star,
Voodoolrajas 09.09.2018
You need to STOP belittling Bill Clinton

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