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Adult pooping in there pants

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Like the left will do anything to gain an elusive win over Trump ...

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Adult pooping in there pants
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Comments (12)
Yozshulrajas 01.08.2018
all the more reason you should listen to me.
Mezijas 12.08.2018
50/50 split between the two of us.
Galabar 13.08.2018
You are always quite welcome Mr. Khan!!
Kazralabar 20.08.2018
The who r we to believe in now
Vudogis 21.08.2018
Nothing false about what they want. A better life.
Brale 31.08.2018
Less making fun and more valid criticism really.
Yolkis 06.09.2018
My response was to Progressing Pilgrim. :)
Tom 14.09.2018
Some of my best friends are black
Mejind 24.09.2018
As Ray said below. But, why?
Jukora 28.09.2018
You could have stopped after the word traitors.
Kazirn 02.10.2018
LOL loved yur comment and do "get it"
Samukazahn 06.10.2018
Which question is that meant to answer?

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