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Boston miss teen pageant

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So when Reagan claimed I didn't leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me he wasn't incorrectly identifying a large number of Democratic voters, across America, who switched to supporting the GOP? There are lots, and lots, and lots, of Republicans in leadership positions who used to be reliable Democrats. Shall we ignore they exist?

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Boston miss teen pageant
Boston miss teen pageant
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Comments (26)
Zuluktilar 22.08.2018
You again?! Lawd you are a true jumper!??????
Sanris 27.08.2018
Talking shit about US military members is not acceptable.
Fegore 06.09.2018
Big ass big boobs
Mezizragore 13.09.2018
Really? That's great. Which limbs?
Faugis 22.09.2018
They are not total savages.
Kigalrajas 02.10.2018
that word salad is not even readible
Ararisar 05.10.2018
Maybe he didn't know what to say.
Faucage 10.10.2018
Catholic? Molest any altar boys lately?
Kigataxe 15.10.2018
Well, at least asbestos will be cheap.
Fekree 21.10.2018
Everyone has an opinion... :b
Taramar 26.10.2018
What are you doing, talking to yourself?
Zolojinn 30.10.2018
So then Harper is Jewish now.....
Kat 06.11.2018
Keep the cropped-picture thinking for yourself.
Zulujin 11.11.2018
They will eat your soul.
Mukree 12.11.2018
Ok, lets try this again.
Vudojind 13.11.2018
Did Jesus Never Address Homosexuality?
Mazuktilar 13.11.2018
This is not an answer, it's mumbo jumbo.
Dajora 19.11.2018
Go in peace. Blessings.
Kajigor 27.11.2018
I can't dumb them down any more for you.
Kajihn 28.11.2018
What's the Excuse ?
Tojakree 05.12.2018
Intbel ????????? ??????? - how R U my friend
Tegami 07.12.2018
No you didn't Cyndi.
Shaktigor 13.12.2018
Has religion survived science?
Taurg 16.12.2018
Un-ironically presented no less, lol
Mikak 24.12.2018
Thanks Maria for putting this thread out today
Mulkree 01.01.2019
Ooohh, celebrity moderator deathmatch! Nice! I'll bring the popcorn.

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