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Sorry, Obama is so completely corrupt that there is no possible comparison.

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Comments (23)
Tausho 17.06.2018
And the other way round.
Kigajinn 26.06.2018
Killing the unborn should as well.
Nitaxe 01.07.2018
Ummm....would that make him silt?
Nimi 08.07.2018
Denying Islamic sources on Muhammad,
Akinogrel 18.07.2018
I didn't expect you to understand.
Kagashicage 20.07.2018
Its still there and still in fact red.
JoJokus 31.07.2018
I just did. Read them. They prove you wrong.
Jukora 07.08.2018
Mine's word is shown in existence itself;
Kazrashakar 18.08.2018
Does every machine need someone to pilot it?
Tolar 19.08.2018
Why are you refusing to answer questions about science?
Samur 20.08.2018
Has the absence of God been proven?
Zulkilkis 26.08.2018
The proof was already given.
Nitaur 31.08.2018
I?m against any banning of speech.
Kik 01.09.2018
Yeah My Childhood crush XD
Samugal 03.09.2018
Nope, it's a stupid comment.
Duzragore 05.09.2018
nope. You have to use all of the letters.
Tegul 10.09.2018
Thanks for the post
Nikojind 13.09.2018
Heartbeat and 3005 was pretty good too ^^
JoJogal 17.09.2018
You are super paranoid.
Dozil 20.09.2018
And what assumption is that?
Molmaran 30.09.2018
The Atlantic Slave Trade 25 million dead
Douzragore 10.10.2018
What absurd bullshit are you peddling here?
Tujin 18.10.2018
Return to your kindergarten...

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