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The Fact That Russian Women

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Ahmadies are followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and believers of his claims. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed , in his writings, repeatedly has affirmed that he believes that every word and vowel point of the Holy Quran is from God and that this is part of his faith. He has stated in his book: ''I call Allah, the Glorious, to witness that I am not a disbeliever. My doctrine is that there is no one worthy of worship save Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah . I believe concerning him that he was the Messenger of Allah and the Khataman Nabiyyeen. I affirm the truth of this statement with as many oaths as are the Holy names of Allah and as are the letters of the Holy Quran and as is the number of the excellencies of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. No belief of mine is contrary to the commands of Allah and His Messenger. He who imagines anything contrary to this labours under a misconception. (Karamatus Sadiqeen, p.25)

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Tojakus 02.04.2018
You haven't correctly cited a contradiction.
Mazushura 09.04.2018
Indeed. Good point. Let's say communicating then.
Tugar 14.04.2018
Trigger alert! We have a trigger occurring here^^^.
Taurn 23.04.2018
but it has been tried here in the US
Golmaran 27.04.2018
This is a pretty great place to start, too.
Ket 02.05.2018
I wouldn't say I'm religious u.u
Dailkis 06.05.2018
Again, calling Alex a
Brazshura 10.05.2018
Not at all. Read more carefully.
Fetaur 18.05.2018
Jim, if you please.
Mashakar 21.05.2018
The guy is a moron.
Goltim 31.05.2018
It is. It is obvious.
Terisar 10.06.2018
Original Bible, i.e., if such thing existed.// !!!
Vitilar 16.06.2018
useful idiots, they are called!!!
Kazijas 23.06.2018
Yes. Do crush me to pieces.
Tojalmaran 27.06.2018
Is female genital mutilation bigotry ?
Mezit 30.06.2018
Here's the discussion we were invited to.
Kikus 07.07.2018
Wait til I finish dancing!
Vokinos 13.07.2018
what the f*ck is this
Zologal 14.07.2018
Tazzzie would be the place to go then !
Nigis 22.07.2018
You did. Read your comment.
Fer 23.07.2018
Ahhhh the life of a pet
Daijin 24.07.2018
Your thoughts are anecdotal and not scientifically proven.
Samuzuru 31.07.2018
His bigliness is unpresidented, though!
Meshicage 01.08.2018
She's my favorite from the WWE at the moment
Mezill 02.08.2018
I'll be right over.
Shakamuro 08.08.2018
Not when it reaches your heart. :)
Kagat 09.08.2018
What exactly, is your problem with ?organised religion?
Faurr 19.08.2018
What is hate speech? define it succinctly.
Doujora 25.08.2018
And you are still saying nothing intelligent, or relevant.

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