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Asian is the new cool t shirt

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Nothing to do w/need or want to know . Children are observant & will know something has changed.

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Comments (13)
Gazshura 11.06.2018
Collecting things is good in boringness.
Meztigul 17.06.2018
You're right.I was still thinking of Illinois, not Massachusetts.
Tosho 21.06.2018
No, NASA would still be a separate agency.
Gardagis 30.06.2018
yes but not in the Bible.
Mazugul 08.07.2018
Here's the Scorpio pic
Macage 18.07.2018
Normally on a river with no other bugger around
Kehn 23.07.2018
Yes it is the will of people.
Dataur 29.07.2018
Okay, let's say detect .
Kataxe 08.08.2018
" you lost the debate."
Tygogul 10.08.2018
I'm beginning to be a believer.
Tojalkis 15.08.2018
All beautiful girls are my crush
Taktilar 17.08.2018
From the diaphragm... Prooooject it proudly... Ssssummmmm thinGggg
Zulumi 22.08.2018
No - you are making a false equivalence.

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