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Most thoroughbreds are matched with a stud so with keeping that in mind let's get her to the nearest NBA franchise for servicing.

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Comments (17)
Meztilrajas 15.05.2018
Good man. L'Chaim to you!
Tuk 17.05.2018
Glad I could help.
Tazil 27.05.2018
good luck, and hope it gets better
Mezikasa 30.05.2018
It's 10:45 and I haven't showered yet hahaha
Kidal 07.06.2018
And what creates that confidence?
Nara 17.06.2018
From your lips to God's ear!
Tojinn 18.06.2018
I agree, just wanted to be preemptive.
Fenrikinos 26.06.2018
When I choose to yes.
Shakaramar 04.07.2018
Some food for thought there actually.thanks.
Kazradal 09.07.2018
Thanks for your comment.
Vidal 16.07.2018
The Republican's Right to work is being a Scab!
Kagis 19.07.2018
Until I'm carrying your baby? LoL
Tujar 27.07.2018
They taste good :) ik
Tygot 05.08.2018
Truthy can speak up for himself.
Vugrel 11.08.2018
Care to explain in detail?
Kegor 18.08.2018
How much more could this possibly cost?
Faejar 20.08.2018
great example of crazy paranoid right wing conspiracy fantasy!

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