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The disgusting people are those who disrespected the sound reasoning and judgments of a man who devoted his life to sound reasoning. They did so for their own selfish purposes.

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Comments (28)
Faulkis 21.05.2018
Christian is not a free to discriminate pass
Gur 23.05.2018
Get used to it.
Tulkis 30.05.2018
Who cares jenny laws were broken.
Sakus 01.06.2018
What makes you say they are hypocrites?
Yorg 03.06.2018
That's what Agent Smith thought in The Matrix.
Moogum 10.06.2018
You believed in a god, not The God.
Yozshukree 12.06.2018
Now Trump will have to Twitter twaddle against YouTube.
Moogur 21.06.2018
"Jones started the whole conspiracy theory..."
Mell 23.06.2018
Not so, but go with that.
Arashigrel 28.06.2018
If you edit something, you should make a note.
Nikosar 04.07.2018
People charged with/pleading to crimes so far:
Dora 07.07.2018
I noticed that! : You may rejoice in exculpation.
Migal 13.07.2018
Edit: Since you, Muggle, are confused as shown;
Brasho 16.07.2018
A complete overreaction by the Saudis.
Shaktisida 26.07.2018
So how is that different from today?
Gosida 28.07.2018
What exactly is your problem with what was said?
Tygogor 05.08.2018
Jeffrey Harharwood. Incredible. At least you returned his glasses
Goltijind 07.08.2018
Arguments isn't evidence though. There's arguments on both sides.
Kigarisar 11.08.2018
Love and smart are different things :)
Kigakree 14.08.2018
I dont think I can take it. ....
Daikinos 19.08.2018
Or good bagpipes
Dailar 27.08.2018
See, in the case of a being that is:
Mami 03.09.2018
I'd design the whole system differently.
Kakinos 11.09.2018
Great! what's up there
Mazuran 18.09.2018
There are far more than just one.
Arara 25.09.2018
Go for the neck snowy??????
Shazuru 02.10.2018
Hot sauce, chilis, A-1...
Vudobei 06.10.2018
Thats really cool :) How have things been going?

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