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Picture of 7 inch penis

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As an agnostic I'm not sure if I get this. Do I sometimes stray one way or the other? Sure, and lately I lean toward atheist, but what does that matter? It doesn't mean that I've fundamentally wavered. (As if agnosticism requires some strict adherence to unknowability. The bottom line is that no matter how far I go down the path to thinking that there is no god, I don't think I will ever get to the point where I will be sure. Could it happen? I'm willing to live with that possibility. That's the whole point. We should embrace uncertainty, it's the one thing that we can be sure of. I feel no compunction to maintain a strict neutrality. I feel organized religion is a joke, and people who pretend to know are fools.

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Picture of 7 inch penis
Picture of 7 inch penis
Picture of 7 inch penis
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Mezikinos 13.04.2018
Three daughters and no more
Mazuzuru 14.04.2018
You are so rude. Feeling defensive?
Mogar 19.04.2018
Let's talk about the origin of life .
Tausar 28.04.2018
Animal i love little kittens ??or little bunnies
Zurisar 29.04.2018
Hola, 6 comment bot.
Akinohn 02.05.2018
If wasn't effective you wouldn't be bitching about it.
Kazralar 07.05.2018
Sports aren?t cool anymore.
Fetilar 17.05.2018
"Rashida sees a lot of herself in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,"
Bagrel 19.05.2018
Kessmaat is way sexier than Tory.
Vudojas 26.05.2018
Another rare thumbs up.
Goltijinn 04.06.2018
Note: discriminate not for cause
Dakora 08.06.2018
Hope they come back to you Francis!!
Zolojas 17.06.2018
A Mary just doesn't buy much these days. :(
Dir 27.06.2018
Can't do that with central air. What to do?
Gazuru 30.06.2018
Aim to please, gentleman style

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