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Yes, but even politicians (U.S.) are usually restrained by common ethical standards

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Comments (29)
Bacage 03.04.2018
Good luck All 13% of you.
Mikora 04.04.2018
I said it was
Kazijin 08.04.2018
Sweet! Repeal all state laws! Federal, Constitutional, laws only!
Mautilar 12.04.2018
Thats propaganda fake news BS.
Molar 16.04.2018
Why would the concept of religion departed so quickly?
Kajibar 22.04.2018
Unless you're in the Catholic cult there's 66 books.
Zulkilar 02.05.2018
Notice the sheboons are afraid of the oriental women.
Maumi 05.05.2018
So? Let me get this straight.
JoJojora 11.05.2018
No way. Thats even more challenging. :D
Mucage 14.05.2018
Irish didn't always get the best deal as well
Telkree 18.05.2018
Well, don't we already have an example of that?
Fenriran 21.05.2018
False. You are equivocating on the definition of religion.
Bajinn 28.05.2018
mighty big if ya got there.
Vozilkree 29.05.2018
Most likely is not science?
Fauramar 02.06.2018
I still don't get the @ thing
Gojin 03.06.2018
Here is a sample of the cards:
Faebar 04.06.2018
Girls dig the Green Arrow.
Malataxe 14.06.2018
How will they do that?
Meztigal 17.06.2018
Says the con talking point.
Gara 28.06.2018
Noted and respected, SQ.
Malasar 04.07.2018
Oh, I am. What is your point?
Dukazahn 14.07.2018
"Everyone knows the corruption of the DNC, Clinton campaign"
Daihn 16.07.2018
Yes, I did. How are you? ??
Vugrel 17.07.2018
Please don't feed the animals. ;-)
Kerisar 22.07.2018
You can't see ?
Golmaran 31.07.2018
Rather Moscatos than Mosquitos ??
Tolar 08.08.2018
too much syrup in the kool aid this morn?
Visar 15.08.2018
Got proof for any of this? Video? Medical records?
Merg 19.08.2018
HahahahaH soubds horrible ??????????

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